Selenium Online Training in Mumbai

Selenium Online Training in Mumbai

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Naresh I Technologies provides you the 100% assurance on your Selenium Online Course with Success. Our Selenium online training Course focuses on practical oriented training. You can now learn Selenium online training from the real-time developers of the IT industry. Join us today to experience the best of best Online Selenium Training! by our highly professional and certified trainers. From this Selenium Online Training, you will able to learn all the Concepts of Selenium with real-time scenarios, live examples by real-time professionals. Selenium is a new technology, which is basically used for Selenium is basically used to automate the testing across various web browsers. About Selenium: SELENIUM is a free (open-source) automated testing framework used to validate web applications across different browsers and platforms. You can use multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Python, etc to create Selenium Test Scripts. Testing done using the Selenium tool is usually referred to as Selenium Testing. Selenium is basically used to automate the testing across various web browsers. It supports various browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and IE, and you can very easily automate browser testing across these browsers using Selenium WebDriver. Prerequisites: * Manual Testing. Software Development Life Cycle. SDLC Models. Software Test Levels. * Programming Fundamentals. Comments. Data Types. Modifiers. * HTML Concepts. HTML Elements, and Operations on Elements. Page, Edit Box, Text Area, Button, Link, Drop Down Box. * Database Fundamentals. Uses of Selenium: * Selenium is used in the glass industry to decolorize glass and to make red-colored glasses and enamels. * It is used as a catalyst in many chemical reactions. Selenium is used in solar cells and photocells in fact the first solar cell was made using selenium. It is also used as a photographic toner. * Selenium is an open-source tool that automates web browsers. It provides a single interface that lets you write test scripts in programming languages like Ruby, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Python, and C#, among others. Selenium Online Training provided by Naresh I Technologies will benefit you in many ways. We save your time and money by cutting short your travel time * You can attend three demo sessions with free of cost * Where ever you are, you can still attend the training via Zoom * We are giving instructors to lead live teaching. * Our trainers are real-time experts. * We are providing video recordings of every live class with one year of access. * Our trainers will provide a soft copy of the class notes for every concept. For more details please visit: Contact us: 8179191999/

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