DC EEG Medium Electrode47

DC EEG Medium Electrode47

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1. Product Name:DC EEG Medium Electrode 2. Product Description: DC EEG Electrode, Sintered silver/silver chloride disk ?10mm, ?12mm and ?14mm electrode with ?2mm pin connector, Sintered silver/silver chloride is recognized worldwide as a stable, low noise reference electrode. It is reversible, which means it can pass an electric current without changing the chemical environment in the immediate vicinity of the electrode. Because the sintered silver/silver chloride electrodes are thermodynamically reversible, they exhibit low noise and theoretically zero electrode polarization impedance effects. They have much lower DC offset potentials than metal electrodes and provide excellent low frequency response. EEG, EP, ECG, EMG, PSG and as Reference Electrode >> ?2mm pin connector fit most EEG equipment. >> Multi-Color coded polyurethane jacket lead wire allows easy tracing, flexible and tangle free. >> Several diameter electrodes are available, from ?6mm disk to ?18 disk electrodes. >> Customized sizes and shapes can be produced upon request. Part Number Electrode ? Size Wire ? Color Length(m) Pkg. ? Qty 810007-01 ?10mm 6 ? colors 1.0 6pcs/set 810007-02 ?10mm 6 ? colors 1.5 6pcs/set 810007-03 ?10mm 6 ? colors 2.0 6pcs/set 810007-04 ?10mm 6 ? colors 2.5 6pcs/set

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