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Pipe Granulator23

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1. Product Name:Pipe Granulator 2. Product Description:The pipe granulator of GP series are available in rotor width of up to 1000mm and diameter ranging from 500, 700, 800 to 1000mm. The completely welded heavy steel cutting chamber is angled and fitted with an extended hopper to allow easy feeding of parts.Convenient and quick of knives being adjusted outside of machineSpecially designed for pipeWide choice of rotorsWell thought out housing designStrong welded steel constructionOversized outboard bearingsSpecial for PipeHeavy Duty RotorGP series is specially designed for crushing PE, PP, PVC pipes with diameter from 16mm to 450mm. Conveyor belt, blower fan, storage silo and dust collection system are available for higher output.Conventional granulators have substantial problems handing long pipes. To feed large and bulky parts in most cases cavities or platforms are needed. Therefore, ENMA develop the GP series granulator. Thanks to the almost horizontal feeding hopper, long pieces can be fed easily. ;While the machine is operating, there is no risk of blocking. In case of congestion no more material will be accepted by the machine until the grinding chamber is empty and the machine will accept material again, and work continuously.GP500/500GP700/700GP800/800GP1000/800The standard V-cut creates a high quality regrind with a very low percentage of fines in the output material. Other standard features include anti-wear plate that is easily disassembled in the broken chamber, outboard bearings reducing the risk of contamination. 3. Price:10.00 4. Product Website: http://www.enmagranulators.com/granulator/plastic-granulator/pipe-granulator.html 5. Company Description: ENMA GRANULATOR (CHINA) CO., LTD 6. Address: SHANGHAISHANGHAISHANGHAIJIADINGNO. 121, 5888#, BAOQIAN HIGHWAY, JIADING DISTRICT, SHANGHAI, CHINA 7. Descption: ENMA was founded in France 20 years ago and we has been focused on solutions to recycling all kinds of materials such as wood, plastics, paper, biology, commercial disposal, industrial waste as other special application. We make our effort on developing sustainable environment protection technology and ensure all the above mentioned materials recycled and reusable to the maximum extent. We define our products as 6 sections including granulating, shredding, conveying, sorting, separating, storing and dosing. You are sure to find better solution from ENMA via single machine, complicated system or the whole plant recycling system. ENMA is a French-Chinese family business managed by the second generation. Main technology is originally from ENMA France Recycling Machinery and manufacturing is at ENMA Granulator (China) Co., Ltd. Through a clear succession plan we have set the prospects for a better future. As an innovative and health company, we focus on our core competitive products and constantly optimize them. Passionate teamwork as well as open communication with customers and enplanes are important pillars of our success. 8. Registered Capital: 100 9. EmployeeNum: 100 ENMA GRANULATOR (CHINA) CO., LTD 10. Contact: Rachel 11. Telphone: 86-21-69932999 12. Fax: 86-21-59589222 13. Email: racheljin119@aliyun.com 14. Company Website: http://www.enmagranulators.com

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