KFD-20 Pharmaceutical Vacuum Freeze Dryer17

KFD-20 Pharmaceutical Vacuum Freeze Dryer17

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1. Product Name:KFD-20 Pharmaceutical Vacuum Freeze Dryer 2. Product Description:Modular design, Integrated structure, High performance Modular designed freeze dryer always benefit a lot from its rapid delivery, quick install, easy maintenance, or upgrade in future if need, the machine with high advanced controller system that combine PLC + touch screen +PC, as well, internet connection, mobile control, global (machine working status) monitor system as optional. Most strict quality control system. All pharmaceutical freeze dryer, lyophilizers manufacturing by Kassel under the highest quality level, whatever its small pilot production range or industrial bulk production models, from design, parts and models selection, assembly, fabrication, testing to shipping, installation considerations. Kassel Group do our best and offer worry free services. Details cause success. Only world first class brand parts with right model select will install in our freeze freezer, a strong quality guarantee of the lyophilization process stable and reliable. With delicate design of the protection system, make sure no freeze drying failure cause by parts failure or even the parts failure will not pollute or destroy raw material. More than just a machine Kassel Freeze dryer,lyophilizer, pharmaceutical lophilization machine for sale,China supplier and manufacturer.From components model select, pipes or cables circuit till safety precautions, we consider more of efficient, performance, beautiful, compact than just build a machine. APPLICATION SCOPE: Pharmaceutical continuous liquid vacuum belt dryer low temperature GMP standards ISO9001/CE certified is mainly used in drying many kinds of liquid or paste raw material, such as traditional & western medicines, food, biological products, chemical material, health foods, food additive etc, especially suitable for drying material with high-viscosity, easy agglomeration, or thermoplastic, thermal sensitivity, or material that can not be dried by traditional dryer. For above materials, VBD is the best choice: Pharmaceutical industry:chinese medicine extract, plant extract, egg embryo, PVPK series, fermenting liquid etc Food industry:malt extract, carbohydrate, instant beverage, tea powder, cocoa powder, corn paste etc Chemical Industry:lithium battery, emamectin benzoate etc. 3. Price:11.00 4. Product Website: http://www.kassel-temperaturecontroller.com/pharmacutial-freeze-dryer/kfd-20-vacuum-freeze-dryer-lyophilizer-apply.html 5. Company Description: Hangzhou KASSEL Machinery co., ltd 6. Address: zhejiangzhejianghangzhouyuhangNO.3, WANHE RD, GAOQIAO IND. ZONE, CANGQIAN TOWN, YUHANG HANGZHOU, CHINA 7. Descption: Kassel Machinery (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. has been founded in China to introduce Kassel Group advanced technology and management concepts. At the same time, the company set up offices in Ningbo, Shanghai and Suzhou for your convenience. Under the technical support from KASSEL, Kassel cares not only product quality, but also pays more attention to developing new quality products including the following characteristics: high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The major products are Oil-operated temperature control system, Water-operated temperature control system, and industrial chillers. Kassel team of engineering, sales and service professionals are dedicated to supplying the high quality and safe products in the industry. Kassel - a value driven manufacturer that delivers practical engineering solutions with superior customer focus and support. Designed to Perform, Built to Last. 8. Registered Capital: 1000000 9. EmployeeNum: 40 Hangzhou KASSEL Machinery co., ltd 10. Contact: adolph 11. Telphone: 86-571-88617051 12. Fax: 86-571-88617051 13. Email: kasseltemperaturecontrol@aliyun.com 14. Company Website: http://www.kassel-temperaturecontroller.com

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