High Temperature Oil Temperature Control System67

High Temperature Oil Temperature Control System67

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1. Product Name:High Temperature Oil Temperature Control System 2. Product Description:High temperature oil temperature control system, oil temperature control machine, oil temperature control equipment performance and characteristics 1. It can obtain higher working temperature (?320C) under the operating pressure of the base (<0.5Mpa), which reduces the pressure rating of the heat equipment and improves the safety of the system. 2. The heating is evenly and softly combined. The temperature adjustment adopts PID self-tuning intelligent control, and the temperature control precision is high (?1C), which can meet the strict requirements of high process standards. 3, small size, small footprint, can be installed near the use of thermal equipment, no need to set up a boiler room, do not need to set up a dedicated operation, can reduce equipment investment and operating costs, recycling investment. 4. The operation control and safety monitoring device is complete and complete, the heating process is fully automatic, the operation is simple and convenient, and the installation is convenient. 5, closed loop heating, small heat loss, significant energy saving, no environmental pollution, a wide range of uses. 6, with low temperature type (?180 C), medium temperature type (?300 C), high temperature type (?320 C), product specifications, user selection range. High temperature oil temperature control system, hot oil temperature control equipment Application field Petroleum and chemical industries: polymerization, condensation, distillation, melting, dehydration, forced insulation Oil industry: fatty acid distillation, oil decomposition, concentration, esterification, vacuum deodorization, Synthetic fiber industry: polymerization, melting, spinning, stretching, drying Textile printing and dyeing work: heat setting, drying, heat capacity dyeing Plastics and rubber industry: hot pressing, calendering, extrusion, vulcanization, papermaking industry: drying, corrugated paper processing Timber industry: plywood, fiberboard compression molding, wood drying Building materials work: gypsum board drying, asphalt heating, concrete component maintenance 3. Price:11.00 4. Product Website: http://www.kassel-temperaturecontroller.com/oil-temperature-control-units/high-temperature-oil-temperature-control.html 5. Company Description: Hangzhou KASSEL Machinery co., ltd 6. Address: zhejiangzhejianghangzhouyuhangNO.3, WANHE RD, GAOQIAO IND. ZONE, CANGQIAN TOWN, YUHANG HANGZHOU, CHINA 7. Descption: Kassel Machinery (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. has been founded in China to introduce Kassel Group advanced technology and management concepts. At the same time, the company set up offices in Ningbo, Shanghai and Suzhou for your convenience. Under the technical support from KASSEL, Kassel cares not only product quality, but also pays more attention to developing new quality products including the following characteristics: high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The major products are Oil-operated temperature control system, Water-operated temperature control system, and industrial chillers. Kassel team of engineering, sales and service professionals are dedicated to supplying the high quality and safe products in the industry. Kassel - a value driven manufacturer that delivers practical engineering solutions with superior customer focus and support. Designed to Perform, Built to Last. 8. Registered Capital: 1000000 9. EmployeeNum: 40 Hangzhou KASSEL Machinery co., ltd 10. Contact: adolph 11. Telphone: 86-571-88617051 12. Fax: 86-571-88617051 13. Email: kasseltemperaturecontrol@aliyun.com 14. Company Website: http://www.kassel-temperaturecontroller.com

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