4inch industrial barcode printer42

4inch industrial barcode printer42

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1. Product Name:4inch industrial barcode printer 2. Product Description:1. Product Information Model Number: iX4E Enhanced level 4 inch high speed 450m ribbon RFID Thermal Transfer industrial barcode printer 2. Product Features 1. Maximum print length 2286mm (203dpi) 2. Maximum printing width 104mm 3. Maximum up to 10 inch OD print media length 4. 450m thermal transfer ribbon 5. Data conenction method: USB, Ethenet, RS232(9-pin), RJ45, RFID(HF), RFID(UHF), Parallel Port(36-pin), D-Sub(15-pin),Wi-Fi 3. Our Advantages All new designed iX4E, we improved the label setting section to enhance the printing quality, bar-code printing accuracy and it also simplifies the deployment and usage of the solution. Brilliant AIDC (Automatic Identification & Data Collections) solution provider for Manufacturing and Logistics. Easy detachable printer head In order to prolong the service life of the barcode printer and provide the better user experience, iDPRT makes the printer head into the modular type, which is easy for the users to change the printer head only by one screw. Easy replacement platen roller iDPRT industrial barcode printers platen roller can be easily replaced by loosening three screws. Display iDPRT barcode printers from the professional level are equipped with 3.5 inch color display. Extensive application of media iDPRT barcode printer applies to a wide range of media, such as the continuous paper, gap paper, black mark paper, perforated paper, wrist band and washing marks. It is widely used in the area of government, health-care, retail, manufacture and logistics, etc. Strong compatibility Compatible with various mainstream printing emulation: ZPL-II, EPL2,DPL Free label editing software Through the deep cooperation with Seagull Inc., iDPRT offers free label editing software BarTender, which is easy for the users to complete editing printing content according to simple setting. Except the free BarTender software and Seagull driver for PC, iDPRT has our own label designer software for Windows with database function. Capability to connect with various USB devices Except for connecting PC for editing the printing content and transferring data, intelligent iDPRT barcode printer is also able to get the input data from the connected keyboards, scanners, USB flash disc, etc. Intelligent identification for print head resolution It is almost impossible for the users to use the printer heads with different resolutions in one traditional barcode printer. Even though it is able to change the printer head with different resolutions by en-user, is still requires the users to make the complicated configuration through PC. After many years’ R&D experiences, iDPRT has solved the problem creatively, which is to enable the printer to identify the printer heads with different solution intelligently and configure itself automatically, and frees the users from the complicated configuration. 3. Solutions Manufacturing In the modern production process, the product and key component identification and traceability plays a key roll to monitor the production status, to collect the production data, testing data, quality report, etc.. Series No. labels, product ID labels, electronics small labels, package labels, inspection labels, outgoing labels, shipping labels make the identification and traceability of the products real from the material warehouse, to the production line, to the finished warehouse, to the users’ hand. iDPRT industrial barcode printer with high printing speed and with heavy printing duty supports satisfy the different kinds of printing demand from the manufacturing area. Warehousing and Logistics Keeping track of products throughout the entire distribution process is essential to controlling costs, managing inventory and ensuring the quick and reliable delivery of g

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