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1. Product Name:Bicone Drill Bit 2. Product Description:Bicone Drill Bit,Roller Cone Drill Bit 3. Price:10.00 4. Product Website: 5. Company Description: ROSCHEN GROUP LIMITED 6. Address: SHANGHAISHANGHAISHANGHAIQIANSHAO89 QIANSHAO ROAD, SHANGHAI, CHINA 7. Descption: ROSCHEN Geotechnical drilling, geothermal drilling, Oil and gas drilling, Exploration Core drilling, Rock Drilling, can offer the equipment needed for all rock drilling, underground and surface exploration applications in Mining Industry, Water Well Industry, Oil Field Industry and geothermal industry, etc. This includes rigs and all full range of high technology and high quality products, ITH equipment such as button bit, DTH bit, DTH Hammer, wireline series products, metric series products, drill rod and conventional core barrel, overshot, as well as casing and diamond core bit - all designed to maximize our customer profitability. 8. Registered Capital: 100 9. EmployeeNum: 100 ROSCHEN GROUP LIMITED 10. Contact: RobertGeorge 11. Telphone: 86-021-54994419 12. Fax: 86-021-54380177 13. Email: 14. Company Website:

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