Benzocaine hcl

Benzocaine hcl

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Benzocaine hydrochloride is the hydrochloride form of the local anesthetic Benzocaine. Its pharmacological action is the same as that of Benzocaine and its anesthetic effect is weaker than that of procaine.Local absorption is slow and long-lasting.Because insoluble in water, can not be used as infiltration anesthesia, analgesic, antipruritic effect, drugs usually made of powder or oil paste, clinical for the treatment of wounds, ulcers, burns, skin abrasions and hemorrhoids, etc. Benzocaine also known as aminobenzoate ethyl ester, sinecetine.The precipitates from water are colorless or white rhombic needle-like crystals or crystalline powder, and the precipitates from ether are square crystals.Odorless.Has a bitter taste.The molecular weight is 165.19.Melting point is 92 ℃.Boiling point 310℃, 183 ~ 184℃(1.87×103Pa).Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and chloroform, but also soluble in almond oil, olive oil and dilute acids.Stable in the air. Taking p-nitrotoluene as raw material, in sulfuric acid, with sodium dichromate oxidation, p-nitrobenzoic acid, ethanol esterification reaction, separation, p-nitrobenzoic acid ethyl ester in acetic acid solution, iron powder at 85 ~ 95℃ reduction, benzocaine crude product.After separation, washing with water, and then recrystallization in ethanol refining. To contact me Whatsapp : +86 13031440310, Facebook : +86 13031440310, Signal : +86 13031440310 Hebei ATUN Trading Co., Ltd. 网址: Haiyuetiandi B906 Yuhua West Road,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China

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