Pork Vacuum Shrink Bag72

Pork Vacuum Shrink Bag72

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1. Product Name:Pork Vacuum Shrink Bag 2. Product Description:Pork Vacuum Shrink Bag,Fresh Meat Vacuum Shrink Bag 3. Price:10.00 4. Product Website: http://www.maxinpack.com/vacuum-shrink-packaging/fresh-meat-vacuum-shrink-bag/pork-vacuum-shrink-bag.html 5. Company Description: Suzhou Maxpack Co.,Ltd 6. Address: JiangsuJiangsuSIPShahuNo.183 Tinglan Lane,Shahu Science Park,SIP,Jiangsu,China 7. Descption: At present, Maxpack possesses a nine-layer co-extrusion film-blowing production line W&H,two lines BE, five domestic blown-up production line, a new eleven-layer casting production line W&H and eleven high-speed pouch making machine and also with a professional R&D Team,who is the first one to make high barrier PVDC film in domestic. 8. Registered Capital: 100 9. EmployeeNum: 100 Suzhou Maxpack Co.,Ltd 10. Contact: Sandy Bai 11. Telphone: 86-512-68365998 12. Fax: 86-512-68360918 13. Email: sandy.bai@aliyun.com 14. Company Website: http://www.maxinpack.com

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