Semi Truck Disc Brake Axles85

Semi Truck Disc Brake Axles85

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Address : - Quanpu Industrial Park, Liangshan County, Shangdong Province, China

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1. Product Name:Semi Truck Disc Brake Axles 2. Product Description:Semi Truck Disc Brake Axles,Disc-brake Axle 3. Price:10.00 4. Product Website: 5. Company Description: Shandong Jinsheng Axle Manufacturing Co.,Ltd 6. Address: ShanDongShanDongZaoZhuangLiangshanQuanpu Industrial Park, Liangshan County, Shangdong Province, China 7. Descption: Shandong Jinsheng Axle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, is a professional manufacturer of trailer axle assemblies, semi-trailer suspension systems and correlative fittings in China. We are located in Quanpu Industry Zone which is the largest production base of trailers in China, in Liangshan, the famous scenic spot. We are one of specialized enterprises in the scientific research, design, production and sale, with more than 300 skilled employees and professional designers for different areas. We adopt the domestic and international technical standards in production, accurately grasp the information of the market demand and make quick and optimal designs. In this way, our axle, suspension and other fittings have the world-class technical quality through reasonable and advanced manufacture technologies. Our advanced processing technology, first-class production line and precision CNC machining equipment from home and abroad ensure the good quality of our semi-trailer axle assemblies, suspension systems and other correlative fittings. At the same time, our annual capacity for the export of American and German semi-trailer axle assemblies has achieved 60, 000 pieces and of suspension assemblies has achieved 50, 000 sets. 8. Registered Capital: 100 9. EmployeeNum: 100 Shandong Jinsheng Axle Manufacturing Co.,Ltd 10. Contact: SunHui 11. Telphone: 86-537-7763996 12. Fax: 86-537-7763998 13. Email: 14. Company Website:

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