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1. Product Name:Pizza Oven Brick 2. Product Description:Pizza Oven Brick Pizza Oven brick Introduction Fire clay bricks are often used in pizza furnace masonry, their aluminum content is about 48%-85%, fire resistance is 1250-1420℃. There are three types of firebricks commonly used to build a pizza oven, namely clay bricks, wedge-shaped bricks and curved bricks. Features Of Fire clay bricks 1. Low thermal stress at high temperature.During the operation of the pizza oven, the temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the firebrick on the oven wall is very large, which generates great thermal stress. In other words, the inner side of the brick lining is subject to great compressive stress, while the outer side is subject to great tensile stress.Walls are vulnerable to damage.The clay brick can withstand 1250-1420℃ high temperature, can perfectly avoid damage 2. Good Chemical resistance:The medium around the pizza furnace refractory masonry is mainly gas dust containing alkaline oxide, alkali metal and silicate, etc. Clay refractory brick has excellent corrosion resistance, and the pizza furnace built by masonry has a long life 3. High mechanical strength: fire clay refractory brick can cope well with the strong impact and wear of high temperature combustion exhaust gas on the surface of brick lining. 4. Good creep resistance:The research results of the damage of the hot blast furnace show that the creep of the refractory masonry under the action of high temperature and high pressure is the important cause of the damage of the firebrick used in the pizza oven HuanYa Refactory Material Bricks Specification Fireclay Brick Physical and Chemical Index: Model: SK-40 SK-38 SK-37 SK-36 SK-35 Al2O3 (%) ≥80 ≥75 ≥65 ≥55 ≥48 Refractoriness (°C ) ≥1790 ≥1790 ≥1790 ≥1770 ≥1750 Bulk density (g/cm3) 2.7-2.8 2.4-2.65 2.3-2.35 2.25-2.3 2.1-2.2 Refractoriness under loading, 0.2MPa 1600 1520 1480 1450 1420 Reheating Linear changes Rate (%) 1500°C x 2H -0.4~0.1 Apparent porosity (%) 20~22 20~22 23~24 23~24 23~26 Cold crushing strength (Mpa) 55 ≥50 ≥45 ≥40 ≥35 Curved Brick Inner diameter External diameter RB-7 400mm 520mm RB-9 340mm 560mm RB-12 450mm 670mm RB-14 550mm 750mm RB-16 630mm 830mm RB-18 720mm 920mm RB-20 800mm 1000mm RB-22 880mm 1080mm RB-24 960mm 1160mm RB-26 1000mm 1200mm Wedge Brick Specification Wide Wedge Brick 230*114*65/55mm Narrow Wedge Brick 230*114*65/45mm Delivery Package Informations: 1. Packed in a 100cm*100cm fumigated wooden pallet with a waterproof plastic film cover, and tightened with plastic bandages. 2. We can also pack the goods according to your requirements. Shipping 1. FEDEX/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples. 2. By Sea for batch goods. 3. Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods! 4. Delivery Time:3 days for common shape samples;15 days for special shape samples.Within 30 days for batch goods. FAQ Q1: Are you a manufacturer or trader? A1: Manufacturer, some time we help our clients to purchase relevant products as a trader. Q2: What’s the MOQ? A2: No limitation for the spot goods,but the customized products needs to be negotiated Q3: Can we visit your factory? A3: Of course ,welcome at any time,seeing is believing Q4: What’s your payment terms? A4: LC/TT, for customized products,30% deposit is required and balance payment will be paid before shipment Q5: Did your factory accept customization? A5: Professional technology teams and engineers all can satisfy you. Q6: How do you guarantee quality? A6: For every production processing,we have complete QC system f

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