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Address : - West Canal Road Shimla Bypass, Chowk, Devlok Colony, PNB Vihar, Majra, Dehradun

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St. Jude’s School Dehradun is a It was the idea of our Founder President, Mr. R.V. Gardner. Mr. Gardner is a very religious person. Whenever he has had any kind of problems, he has turned to prayers. He never starts or ends his day without saying his prayers – be it for his family, school, teachers, Class IV staff, students, earthquake, storm, friends or his own health. Over the years, he felt that whenever the prayed through the Novena of St. Jude, his prayers were mostly answered. St. Jude was a cousin of Jesus Christ and Mary, but by reason of the fearful treason of Judas Iscariot against Jesus, the name of Jude fell in disrepute and because of this, Jesus gave St. Jude the honor of being the ‘Patron Saint of Desperate and Hopeless Cases’ It is due to Mr. Gardner’s unshakeable faith in St. Jude that he decided to first name his son ‘Jude’ and then also to name this school in St. Jude’s honor.

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